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Impressa Z9

Origin Swiss
Weight 13.8
Dimensions 37 x 31 x 45
 Technical Details  User Guide

Regular Price: $5,195.95

Our Price: $4,999.95

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Jura Impressa Z9, One Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Z9 OTC is Jura's Switzerland flagship super automatic Espresso machine for home or small office. Raising the bar of style and performance of truly luxurious Hi-end super automatic espresso machine the New Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch feature a TFT color display. It presents with color programmable drink options from an integrated drink list to choose from.  The Jura Z9 comes with one touch cappuccino and latte, but also adds macchiato as well as additional multiple coffee drinks programming choices at a touch of a button. Espresso extraction is improved with new and advanced Jura intelligent pre heating system.

Although there are plenty of programming features and almost every coffee drink can be programmed by name, Jura Z9 is still one of the most easy to operate user friendly super automatic espresso machine with its new “P” Button on top for quick and easy access to programming and customization. Another new cool feature of the Z9 is latest generation Jura’s Fine Foam Technology that : feature two separate chambers in which the milk is frothed twice. Adjustable coffee spout and new cappuccino frother spout that can be also adjusted by height to fit most standard latte and cappuccino cups.

The Jura Z9 latest technology and performance complements its award winning design with polished front and curved lines. Not only Jura Z9 has impressive look and astonishing performance, the Z9 has all the bells and whistles you can dream about and even more. Imagine making Latte or Cappuccino or any coffee drink with only single push of a button! Jura Impressa Z9 allow you to steam milk and brew coffee without moving the cup. Jura Z9 features two independent stainless steel lined heating systems for instant steam and no downtime between making coffee and frothing milk. Fully programmable and as expected from Jura, a beautiful professional low noise design.

Finally, performance, luxury, class and innovation in one package.

Coffee preparation:

Jura Z9 has pre-set beverage library that you can program to your taste and rename.
Coffee strength pre settings which can be override during brew process. Same with pre programmed water quantity, temperature and milk volume without changing the pre-sets.
Jura Impressa Z9 let you program temperature settings and water quantity in the cup and up to 120 seconds milk frothing and steaming.
An invisible Electronic laser bean sensor informs you to fill coffee beans just before you are almost out.
The Z9 feature two-step pre-infusion cycle. Coffee lovers and connoisseurs will appreciate the Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©). First, it moistens the ground coffee and only after that it extract the coffee. This cycle ensure perfect crema topping & maximum flavor.
Jura Z9 feature and adjustable solid steel conical burr coffee grinder that can be set to 6 different grind setting. 
Separate funnel for pre-ground coffee, a great feature if you like to entertain or drink decaf or flavored coffees but don't want to mix them with your regular coffee beans. It is also great feature for entertaining, in case one of your guests drinks decaffeinated coffee, you can use the pre ground funnel to serve a single serving drink without the need of changing the beans in the coffee bean hopper. The moment you lift the lid of the funnel, the F50 knows that you want to use pre-ground coffee and you get a message on digital display to add the ground coffee.

Steaming Performance

Making cappuccino or latte can not be easier with only single touch of a button. Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch let you to steam milk and brew coffee without moving the cup.
The frother function can be set to a certain duration from 3 to 120 seconds so you can get the same results every time. When necessary, its easy to overwrite or reprogram the pre programmed duration, to stop the steam just turn the dial to extend or reduce the duration of steaming.
Included with the Jura Z9 is the Thermal Milk Thermos that can keep the milk cold and fresh for  up to 8 hours. If you like the machine to do the work for you, the Profi Auto Cappuccino automatically siphons milk from the included milk thermos, combines it with hot steam and delivers hot, frothed milk to perfection into your cappuccino cups with just push of a button.
The frothXpress temperature control is great feature for that extra hot Cappuccino or Latte. Just turn the frother Dial setting to adjust.
Special & Convenience

Jura-Capresso Z9 One Touch is equipped with rotary dial  and LED display dialog system in seven languages in the dialog system: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.
Cup illumination, whenever you push any button in the machine, cool two LED lights behind the coffee spout will automatically turn on and illuminate your coffee preparation area, the lights will turn off automatically if the machine is not used after one minute.
 Jura Impressa Z9 quiet operation system feature new technology with low noise grinder construction specifically designed for the discriminating consumers where noise level in the office or home is of importance.. The Z9 is one of the quietest Automatic Coffee machine on the market today.
Whenever needed to run a clean cycle, to fill water or add beans, Jura Impressa J5 will let you know. It will gives you short, plain language instructions such as: "Fill Water", "Clean Unit" etc.
Separate programmable from 1 to 16 oz portion hot water wand is included for those cold winter hot drinks, tea and more.
Clearyl Water filter included, it removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper from your tap water for a better tasting coffee. A special organic additive removes almost all carbon and eliminates decalcifying altogether. However, if you have quality water at home, you can save by programming the machine not use filters and the machine will notify you when to decalcify with decalcifying packets for Jura instead.
Any time you turn on or off the machine it will run an automatic hot water rinse cycle to ensure cleaning all vital brewing parts from coffee oils residue just before it pre-heat.
Built in counter in the Z9 counts the number of cups by button, how often you used the steam functions, how often the machine was cleaned and more. Keep statistics on a daily basis if you want. Great feature for offices.
The machine will turn on and off automatically upon your request, you can choose from half an hour to nine hours - now it's easy to save on your electrical bill too and since the machine turning off  and not running on day and night, you extend her life as wall as saving, what a great thing!
Jura Impressa Z9 feature 3 energy saving modes. You can choose whether you want both heating systems always to be in stand-by for immediate use of the coffee or the steam, or  you can set the machine to automatically lower either the steam heating or both heating boilers if you don’t use too frequently. This feature would greatly save on your electricity bill and with just a push of any button the Jura Z9 will “reboot” in less than 20 seconds.

More cool stuff

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Gourmet Coffee - Checkout our exclusive traditional roast Italian gourmet espresso blends, Specifically suitable for use with Super Automatic Espresso Machines.
Jura Z9 Quick Reference Guide.


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