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Office Pulser

Origin Spain
Weight 20 kg (44.1 lb)
Dimensions 10.5 x 17.5 x 15 in.
 Technical Details  User Guide

Regular Price: $1,829.00

Our Price: $1,799.95

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Expobar Office Pulser HX Espresso Machine

Expobar Pulser Includes the following items:

Expobar Pulser - (Stainless Steel, HX EB61)
Free Blind Filter ($8.95 value)
Free 2 Water Softener Filters ($37.90 value)
Free 1 Year Red Carpet Warranty Service ($112.90 value)
Free Fast Shipping ($56.40 average value)

Expobar Office Pulser Superb Value HX Stainless Steel Espresso Machine.

New Features in Expobar Pulser: New improvements include Full size commercial ergonomic steam and hot water knobs for quick and easy control of steam pressure, lower feet for better suitability under standard kitchen cabinets, laser engraved mirror polished Stainless Steel panels, heavy duty tray top and latest technology autolevel control board with pump and heating element protection.

The Expobar Office Pulser is the Best Cost to Value Heat Exchanger espresso machine in the market today, Excellent choice for those seeking best performance machine within the budget. Now with the new and improved design it even looks great!

The Pulser home and office espresso machine has commercial features that you can expect from a professional commercial espresso makers that cost much more... Expobar Office Pulser has full size 1.8 Litres heat exchanger copper boiler that let you make coffee and steam milk at the same time!  It also comes with thermo siphonic pre-infusion nickel plated brass grouphead comparable to the renown E61 grouphead (see Expobar Lever), 3 way electronic pressure relief valve,  commercial 58mm portafilter handle and more...

Coffee Preparation:

Expobar office Pulser has only one single rocker switch to brew coffee, it does the same job as the manual lever on the Expobar office Lever espresso machine.
Expobar Pulser comes with a commercial 58 mm portafilter handle. It is made of chrome-plated high density brass that contributes to the thermal stability. Include: two filter baskets for one and two espresso shots.
Comparable E61 grouphead is made of heavy solid brass and beautifully chrome platted. The thermo siphon and pre infusion systems assure maximum temperature stability and coffee extraction. This grouphead is always hot and ready for brewing thank to it's circulation system that circle hot water continuously and guarantee good thermal stability.
The Pulser has Heat Exchanger 1.8 litres boiler that is made of high quality copper hand built by Expobar. 1.8L HX boiler allow you to brew and steam milk at the same time without the need to relief pressure as required in smaller boiler machines such as Solis, Rancilio Silvia and similar espresso makers.
When turning the machine ON, The Pulser will reach its ideal pressure in few minutes (around 1 bar). It is then ready to brew and steam milk. With it's thermo siphonic grouphead, it is recommended to wait few more minutes prior to brewing so the circulation of water to the grouphead heats the group properly. You can accelerate the brew group heating time by flashing some water through it and the portafilter handle.
Expobar Office Pulser has an automatic boiler refill inside the boiler. A smart probe sensor sense the water level and when the water level goes below certain level, it gives the pump an order to refill the boiler. In case the boiler run out of water, the boiler heating element will off to avoid damage.
3 Way Pressure relief valve comes with. Expobar Pulser. It is located just below the thermo syphonic group head. Once you stop the brew process by using the rocker switch, the 3 way electronic pressure relief valve opens and release pressure from the grouphead and portafilter handle to the tray. The pressure relief valve dries the ground used coffee in the portafilter handle so its packed nicely into a cookie shape, easier to knock it out and the machine is quickly ready for your next shot.
A water tank sensor is located under the water reservoir. It engaged when the water level in the water tank is too low by sensing the water weight. Once it senses low water level it turns off the Expobar Pulser machine.
Water filter include with the machine located in the water tank. Zcafe club members can get annual supply of high quality water softeners for use with Expobar Expresso makers at 20% discount.

Steaming Performance:

The Office Pulser feature a heat exchanger boiler that is always ready to steam or froth milk with short recovery time.
Two Separate Stainless steel wand one for hot water and second for steaming/ frothing milk.
Both wands assembled on a 360 degree swivel base for easy positioning.

Special & Convenience:

Passive cup warmer on the top of the Expobar Pulser espresso machine is ideal for keeping your cups warm.
Large water tank 2.7L can be refilled while inside the machine, also removable for easy cleaning. Refill it every morning and it should last all day long. Included water filter resin.
The body of the Expobar Office Pulser is all polished stainless steel with steel frame control panel.
Large and deep stainless steel drip tray and cover included with the machine.
Warranty: 1 Year parts and labour manufacturer limited warranty.
Dimensions: W 10.5" x H 15" x D 17.5"  -  26.7cm x 38cm x 44.50cm
Weight: 20 kgs.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Expobar Pulser require periodical grouphead cleaning. See E61 Espresso Machine - Back Flushing Instructions.
No descaling is required, however, it is highly recommended to use scale filtered water. Water softener increase the quality of your coffee drink and protect your equipment from possibly costly damage.

Maintenance, info and other cool stuff:

Zcafe "Easy" Price Match + Guarantee.
Barista Gear and Maintenance items - Naked portafilter, shot glass, water filters and more.
E61 Espresso Machines - BackFlushing Instructions: - Expobar back flushing how to.
Black Cat Coffee - Checkout our exclusive traditional roast Italian gourmet espresso blends.
Use 3 way Water filter softener for best trouble free performance for many years.
Expobar - Red Carpet Service and Support.


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